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Deaf Mute

We incorporate extensive sign language lessons and training sessions for kids with this condition. Lessons are carefully crafted to supplement the kids’ growth. Our mentors provide suitable mentorship to the children, to make them capable and confident in dealing with the world.

Visually Impired

For visually impaired kids, we teach the Braille system of reading and writing. Our lessons are specifically structured to serve these kids. Moreover, we arrange specific activities and therapy sessions to enhance other senses so that the kid copes up with the environment efficiently. Our mentors provide appropriate consultation for growth.

Physically Handicapped

Our lessons incorporate all the essentials for the kids to excel in their academics. For the physical impediments, our mentors and therapists provide proper suggestions and therapeutic sessions to improve their conditions. We also plan wide range of activities that helps improve their conditions and bring them joy.

Mentally Impaired

For kids with mental disorders, we structure the lessons and activities to make them grasp the concepts gradually and firmly. Suitable activities and therapy sessions are arranged to keep the kids emotionally, cognitively and physically healthy. Our mentors proactively help the kids and the guardians in overcoming any difficulty is their way.

With Assistive Kids' Guru, learning makes easy!

The above list of impairments is not exhaustive. We strive to help kids with any disability to the best of our ability.
Our motto is to empower the little stars to live a happy, healthy and successful lives and we strive to contribute to the same cause.
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